D-TARD-TAR Sadducer (NYL)

The Sadducer™ is an under-saddle-transducer for acoustic guitar that uses six discrete piezo crystals, one for each string. The result is a high-output pickup designed for even frequency response. It's exceptional for melody players, especially those who play over the entire fingerboard. But perhaps the biggest benefit is that, unlike other piezo pickups, the Sadducer does not require a built-in or off-board preamp to boost and smooth the signal. That means no batteries required! 
We make Sadducer models for steel string and nylon string acoustic guitars. The steel string version is optimized for guitars with string spacing of 2.04" to 2.30 (51.8 to 58.4mm) at the bridge and the nylon string version is optimized for guitars with string spacing of 2.25" to 2.42" (57 to 61.5mm).
Feature Benefit
Uses discrete piezo crystals Better string to string balance. Increased responsiveness to the guitar top's vibrations for great tone
High output response No need for expensive on-board electronics to boost signal
Lower output impedance than film type transducers No buffering preamp required, no battery required, simpler installation
Thin height profile Allows for optimal saddle placement in bridge slot, generally without need to modify slot
Thin width profile Accommodates both 1/8" and 3/32" saddles
Available in steel string and nylon string versions Optimized for type of guitar