D-TARD-TAR Wave-Lenght Load ´N Lock

We've teamed up with Guild® to release a special version of the Wave-Length™ with a revolutionary battery access system called Load ‘N Lock™. As you probably already know, the Wave-Length combines a thin, piezo transducer with an 18-volt, low-noise preamp. Eighteen volts translates to twice the headroom and dynamic range of a typical 9-volt system, allowing a player to strum extra hard without experiencing dreaded piezo “quack.”

To derive its 18 volts, the Wave-Length merely requires two standard “AA” batteries and a proprietary voltage power booster. But perhaps the most striking innovation is our new, patent-pending, Load ‘N Lock system, which allows quick and easy “AA” battery changes. Simply unscrew the endpin “collar, ” remove the old batteries, and pop in the new ones. A quarter turn of the collar is all you need to lock them in place. The Wave-Length pickup, with Load ‘N Lock battery access, is exclusively available on all Guild acoustic/electric guitars.