D-TARD-TAR Wave-Length Multi-Source (STEEL)

Never content to rest on ours laurels, we continue to introduce innovative amplification products for serious acoustic musicians. The new Multi-Source™ combines the popular Wave-Length™ pickup system with a condenser microphone for versatility, flexibility and, of course, the most natural sound possible from your acoustic guitar.

The Multi-Source starts with the Wave-Length unitary design, piezoelectric co-polymer under-saddle 
pickup coupled to an 18-volt, low-noise, high-input impedance preamp with twice the dynamic range of typical 9-volt systems. The 18-volt preamp is powered by two “AA” batteries. With 18 volts, your signal has more headroom so hard strumming or plucking won’t distort into piezo “quack” as easily.

With the addition of the highly-efficient miniature, omni-directional electret condenser microphone, you can amplify your acoustic guitar with startling clarity and accuracy. The mic is nestled in a special absorptive visco-elastic polymer shock mount for optimal isolation. Two low-profile knobs allow for master volume and microphone volume. Dial the microphone in to add just the right amount of “air”; dial it out to control feedback, if necessary. Speaking of feedback, the microphone channel has two stages of low frequency roll-off to combat any tendency towards low frequency feedback. Also, full coverage copper shielding on the pickup insures immunity to external noise fields. This system is quiet!

The D-TAR Multi-Source comes in two versions: one for steel string and one for nylon string guitars.

Feature Benefit
Omni-directional electret condenser microphone Allows you to dial in the “air” that is characteristic of the timbre of an unamplified guitar.
Lightweight discreet control module

Controls master volume and mic volume to achieve optimal pickup-to-mic mix.

Visco-elastic polymer mic shock mount Isolates the mic from undesirable vibration and handling noise providing detailed, transparent sound quality.
Stereo wiring option

Assigns the mic to the “Ring” connection and the pickup to the “Tip” connection of the output jack for use with a two channel preamp like the Solstice.

Two versions One for steel string and one for nylon string guitars.